Security Advisory

TSC Auto ID Product Security

TSC Auto ID aims to be the top-notch Labeling Solution Expert helping our customers increase productivity and efficiency. In the meantime, we endeavor to gain and retain the confidence of our clientele by providing reliable products that safeguard the privacy and security of customers’ data.

We firmly believe in being proactive rather than reactive to emerging security issues. That's why we work closely with both security researchers and companies to stay abreast of the latest security developments and incorporate them into our product design.

To ensure protection for our users, we refrain from publicly announcing security vulnerabilities until solutions have been made available, and we do not disclose the exact details of such vulnerabilities. As soon as the solutions are available, we will announce the vulnerabilities in our release notes.


End of Service

Innovation is at the heart of our business. We end service support after a certain time frame when any product is discontinued (or longer if required by law). Once a product reaches its End of Service, we will no longer provide new firmware releases or security updates for maintenance and support.

You can view the list of Discontinued Products that have entered the End of Service phase.


Report Vulnerabilities

Our Product Security Team investigates all reports of security vulnerabilities affecting TSC Auto ID’s products and services. If you are a security researcher and believe you have found a security vulnerability in a TSC Auto ID’s product or service, please contact us.

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