Alpha Series 4-Inch Performance Mobile Printers

These printers come equipped with a full line of mobile printing accessories that save money and time. Options for this series include linerless printing tools, remote printer management software, and much more.

Linerless models are available. 

Industries and Applications

Warehouse & Fulfillment
Warehouse & Fulfillment
Product and Item Labels
Product and Item Labels
Shipping and Logistics
Shipping and Logistics

The Alpha-40L mobile printers also provide a full line of accessories to assist in performing diverse labeling tasks while on the go, especially in rigorous logistics applications. Unlock the power of greater visibility into real-time data on the health and performance of your Alpha-40L printer with included remote printer management software.

Alpha Series

Rugged And Reliable Mobile Printing Delivers Your Labels Wherever Your Need

TSC Auto ID built its reputation on building rugged and reliable thermal label desktop printers. We have used this engineering and manufacturing expertise to design some of the industry's best reliable and rugged portable label printers.

The Alpha-40L mobile printers expand our mobile printer line-up to offer advanced productivity and management features for a premium mobile printing experience.

The Alpha-40L 4-inch performance mobile printer was designed to meet military-grade standards for drop and vehicle vibration. Ideal for enterprise professionals on-the-go.

The TSC Alpha-40L printers have compatability with SOTI Connect remote printer management for greater visibility into real-time data on the health and performance of the devices.

The new mobile printer also feature a smart battery management system. The smart batteries within the mobile printer can report the state of battery capacity, charge and history of charge cycles.

With the Apple-certified MFi Bluetooth® 5.0 connection and 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi fast roaming features, the Alpha-40L not only provides reliable and seamless communication with users’ devices, it also securely prints labels wherever they are needed.

The Alpha-40L Near Field Communication (NFC) makes it simple to connect to the printer directly from a compatible device. NFC capability automatically establishes a direct connection between your NFC enabled smartphone or tablet and an Alpha-40L printer, so you can print or scan using any number of applications without having to connect to a network or enter any login credentials.

    • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
    • Color LCD with buttons
    • USB
    • Bluetooth MFi
      Wi-Fi with Bluetooth
    • TSC Console
      SOTI Connect (license required)
    • Mobile
    • Up to 5 ips (127 mm/s)
      (2, 3 ips for peeler mode)
    • 4.09" (104 mm)
    • 110" (2,794 mm)
    • 128 MB SDRAM
    • 128 MB
    • microSD card reader, up to 32GB
    • 2.64" (67 mm) OD
    • 2" - 4.4" (50.8 - 112 mm) with liner
    • Die cut, black mark, receipt, fan-fold, linerless, continuous (outside wound)
    • 0.5" (12 mm)
      1.0" if using peeler
    • Plastic with rubber over-mold construction

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Can I do both direct and thermal transfer printing on Alpha-30L/40L printers?
No. The Alpha-30L/40L is a direct-thermal only printer.
Can the printhead and platen roller be replaced by the end user on the Alpha-30L/40L?

No. Please return the Alpha-30L/Alpha-40L unit to the reseller and our team of experts will make these replacements for you.

How can I buy the Alpha-30L/40L printer?
To purchase a Alpha-30L/40L printer, buyers can contact their local TSC reseller, or contact us through our website.
How do I adjust my printing speed and density by TSC Console?
  1. Select the printer → Function → Printer Configuration → Get
  2. Adjust the value of Speed and Density then press Set to finish setup.
How long are the battery working hours on the Alpha-30L/40L?

It is very difficult to give the precise number of hours it will last as the usage of the printer varies based on applications. However, the Alpha-30L lasted more than 23.5 hours of printing receipts (One print every 2 minutes; 12.5% printing area; printing via Bluetooth) on a single battery charge; the Alpha-40L lasted more than 45 hours of printing receipts (One print every 2 minutes; 12.5% printing area; printing via Bluetooth) on a single battery charge.

How much does the Alpha-30L/40L printer weigh?
The Alpha-30L weighs a mere 745 g including the battery. The Alpha-40L weighs a mere 985 g including the battery.
How to change language on TSC Console?
  • TSC ConsoleAdvancedPreferenceLanguage
How to initialize the printer by TSC Console?
  • TSC Console → Select the printer → Functions → Printer Configuration → Factory Default.
How to make calibration by TSC Console?
  • TSC Console → Select the printer → Function → Printer Configuration → Calibration.
How to update firmware by TSC Console?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the printer/printers.
  2. Click Tools→File Manager Tool to access File Manager page.
  3. Turn the file type into Firmware File.
  4. Press Browse to select firmware file.
  5. Press Download to update firmware.


How to use TSC Console to download BMP Font to the printer?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the printer/printers.
  2. Click ToolsBitmap Font Tool.
  3. Select font and set the size of it
  4. Press Download Font to download font to the printer
  5. Check ToolFile Manager Tool to see is it successfully imported.
What are the key benefits of the Alpha-30L/40L compared to the competition?
The Alpha-30L/40L printer has: 1) The long battery life 2) Offers Dual Antenna technology 3) Is drop-resistant up to 6-feet (8.2-feet with optional IP54 Case)
What are the standard connectivity options with the Alpha-30L/40L printers?
The Alpha-30L/40L series is available as below: (Either one selected) • Type C USB 2.0 high speed + MFi Bluetooth 5.0 + NFC tag • Type C USB 2.0 high speed + Wi-Fi module + Bluetooth 4.2 + NFC tag
What is the standard warranty for my Alpha-30L/40L?

The Alpha-30L/40L has a 2 Year Parts (excluding print head and platen roller) and Labor (Return to Factory) standard manufacturer warranty. You can purchase the Service Option warranty that adds up to three years to your printer's original coverage within 30 days of your initial barcode printer purchase.

What printer languages does the Alpha-30L/40L support?

The Alpha-30L/40L supports TSPL-EZC (EPL2, ZPL2, CPCL), or ESC-POS emulation printer languages.

What types of labels can the Alpha-30L/40L print?
The Alpha-30L/40L supports a wide range of label types. It can print on die-cut, black mark, receipt, fan-fold, linerless and continuous (outside wound).
Why my BarTender can’t print the label?
  • Check the printer is power-on.
  • Check the printer, port, and driver are all correct.
Why my printer can’t detect the media type after calibration?
  • Media should be loaded and located correctly before calibration, and check the sensor position before printing. For further detail, please refer to user manual.
  • Wrong media type might be used.
Why the driver wizard can’t find my device? (USB interface)
  • Switch off the power and turn on again.
  • Computer might have detected the device already.
1 slot battery charger (Alpha-40L)

Use the 1-slot charger to quickly charge the battery without any downtime.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
1-bay docking cradle (Alpha-40L)

Easily charge the printer without removing the battery. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
4 slot battery charger (Alpha-40L)

The 4-slot charger is well-suited for heavy-duty missions. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
4-bay docking cradle (Alpha-40L)

Easily charge multiple printers without removing the battery. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Battery Eliminator (Alpha-40L)

Connect printer and vehicle power source directly by open-ended wire without using battery. It can be used with vehicle mount adaptor.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Belt clip (Alpha-40L)

Use the belt clip for a complete hands-free solution. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Linerless kit (Alpha-40L)

TSC Printronix Auto ID mobile printers can handle a variety of media including receipts, selected labels, and linerless printing. Linerless printing is an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Lithium-Ion Smart Battery (Alpha-40L)

Thanks to intelligent TSC Smart Battery technology, users are able to gather a lot of information about battery health and understand the history of the charge cycles on their mobile printers. When in use, the smart battery is reporting the health and activity of that battery over the entire shift. It’s important in mission-critical printing to understand the device’s activity levels when it is being used non-stop over an entire shift or 24-hour period.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Power adapter

Our mobile printers are built to continuously print over a full shift. Power adapters are available to charge your printers in between shifts and ensure that you always have a readily available device. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-4L
  • Alpha-40L
Protective case (Alpha-40L)

The protective case enhances the extra level of protection for harsh environment especially for the outdoor usage.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Shoulder strap (Alpha-40L)

Designed for carrying the printer directly without a protective case.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
Vehicle mount adapter (Alpha-40L)

TSC Printronix Auto ID customers can also benefit from a pretty flexible platform of options for connecting or mounting our mobile printers to a forklift or vehicle. This can be especially useful in distribution centers where the printers have the ability to leverage the facility’s power off a forklift truck or vehicle to eliminate the need for batteries and create a continuously operating device.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
12-60VDC Vehicle Power Adaptor (Alpha-40L)

12-60V DC vehicle power adaptor to easily connect and leverage power to your mobile printers on a forklift or vehicle. 

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-40L
  • Alpha-4L
12-24V DC Vehicle Power Adaptor

12-24V DC vehicle power adaptor to easily connect and leverage power to your mobile printers on a forklift or vehicle.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-3R
  • Alpha-40L
  • Alpha-4L
  • Alpha-30R Basic Version
  • Alpha-30R Premium Version

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