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Why Linerless Labeling is Ideal for Retail Businesses
Although traditional labels have been widely used in the retail sector, they have certain limitations. The traditional label length is fixed with a set length of cut labels within each roll. To adapt to varying label lengths, users tend to purchase multiple printers, one for each label length type. Alternatively, users will stop operations to change label rolls if there are a limited number of printers. This affects operational efficiency and throughput significantly.
How Linerless Labels Boost Business Efficiency While Going Green
Businesses today actively seek ways to minimize their environmental impact and enhance workplace safety. One effective approach is transitioning from traditional labels to linerless labels. This transition not only reduces environmental impact but also aligns seamlessly with regulatory compliance, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.
Unleashing a Sustainable Future: Eco-Conscious Printing with Less Waste
Sustainability has emerged as a pivotal factor across numerous industries, driven by environmental protection and shifting consumer tastes. Businesses are progressively directing their attention towards sustainable strategies, encompassing endeavors like minimizing carbon footprints, embracing eco-conscious materials, and integrating circular economy concepts. Sustainability arises significantly in the Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) industry, leading to a growing demand for more eco-friendly materials and solutions for labels, tags, and other AIDC offerings. Reducing carbon emissions is the key strategy for the AIDC industry to achieve carbon neutrality and support environmental sustainability.
Addressing Global Labor Shortages Through Optimized Daily Label Printing Operations
As the world economy has decelerated since 2021, job markets in OECD countries remain strained. Despite employment rates returning to pre-pandemic levels and unemployment rates hitting their lowest since the early 1970s, a stark labor shortage persists due to a lack of qualified talent, highlighting a supply-demand imbalance.
How to Select the Right Industrial Printer to Enhance Productivity and Space Efficiency
VDC Research finds that increasing demand for industrial printers is propelled by automation in manufacturing, traceability regulations in the food and beverage sector, hybrid retail strategies, e-commerce-driven logistics growth, and a heightened safety emphasis in healthcare.
Streamline Workspace Efficiency with TSC Auto ID's New Productivity-Boosting Industrial Printers
TSC Auto ID, a leading provider of innovative thermal label printing solutions, announces an effective solution for optimizing space constraints in compact workspaces with its latest industrial printers, the MB241 and ML241P Series.
A Journey of Growth and Innovation by Nancy Yan, Hangzhou Lan-Yu
Since 2002, we have grown from a modest sales revenue of 2 million RMB to an impressive 100 million RMB, becoming the leading distributor for TSC Auto ID in mainland China. This growth is a testament to our dedication to brand advocacy, market penetration, and customer service.
Partnering for Progress by Pax Lai, Shanghai Lepei
Since the beginning my journey in this industry as a technician in 1997, my passion for innovation and customer-centric solutions led me to establish Shanghai Lepei in 2009. Specializing in printer applications and consumables, Lepei initially catered to end users, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs.
A Tale of Enduring Partnership by Peter Ku, ARKTECH
In the realm of AUTO ID technology, longevity often signifies not just survival, but thriving in a dynamic landscape. For ARKTECH, a key player in this field for over three decades, our journey has been marked by strategic alliances and impactful collaborations. At the heart of our success lies a longstanding partnership with TSC Auto ID, a relationship that has not only weathered the tests of time but has also flourished, shaping the trajectory of both entities in profound ways.
Scrupulous Cleaning is the Key to Prevent Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs)
A recent study from the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) shows that the incidence of healthcare associated infections (HAIs) was elevated during periods of high COVID-19 hospitalizations; in 2021, standardized infection ratios were significantly higher than during the pre-pandemic period. HAIs are easily transmitted through medical devices during treatments, and bacteria are the most common cause. According to study,1 in 31 hospital patients acquired at least one HAI while hospitalized. Worryingly, HAIs may lead to morbidity and mortality. In fact, around 10% of the patients who became infected by an HAI in the course of the research process died during their hospitalization. Prevention and control of HAIs is vital for patient safety, and preservation and maintenance of a hygienic environment is the key factor in reducing HAIs.