EPGA program

EPGA Program

Are You Ready to Become Part of the Elite?

Aimed at end-user accounts with subsidiaries and branches in more than one country, EPGA is a program in which our highly competent TSC Auto ID and Printronix Auto ID partners form a network of Elite Partners to serve end-customers on a global basis.

Are you ready to elevate your business? Then we cordially invite you to become an Elite Partner for Global Accounts.


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The beauty of EPGA is that it creates win-win situations for every party involved. Global Accounts enter an EPGA agreement with TSC Printronix Auto ID to benefit from several advantages that come with global purchasing, such as lower prices thanks to higher volumes, and being served by our best resellers – you.

New Business Potential 

When an EPGA Agreement is closing, EPGA Management assigns Elite Partners to each won Global Account subsidiary/branch. Elite Partners receive additional business effortlessly. 

Exclusive Management Support 

EPGA Agreements are made between TSC Printronix Auto ID and the Global Account. 

Secure Deals in Your Market 

When EPGA Management allocates resellers in an EPGA Agreement, they choose Elite Partners. This means that those resellers in the same region as the Elite Partner will go empty-handed. (Only exception: GA has a subsidiary/ branch in a location where we have no Elite Partner.) 

Deliver Leads, Gain an Advantage 

Elite Partners who contribute leads to EPGA are the first ones to pick the GA branches/subsidiaries that they would like to serve for this particular EPGA Agreement. The more active Elite Partners are within the EPGA program in terms of lead contribution, the more likely they will be allocated GA branches/ subsidiaries in other EPGA Agreements. 

Attractive Margins 

EPGA is beneficial for GA because they can benefit from lower purchase prices from the resellers. Yet, Elite Partners will keep receiving attractive margins because we lower their purchasing prices as well. 

Elite Partners Network Access 

Elite Partners benefit from networking opportunities, information exchange, and eventually Elite Partner events. 

Becoming an Elite Partner is Easy 

The entry ticket to become an Elite Partner is delivering an EPGA lead.