Avoid Production Roadblocks and Chargeback Fees in the Automotive Industry with ODV Inline Barcode Verification

Avoid Production Roadblocks and Chargeback Fees in the Automotive Industry with ODV Inline Barcode Verification

Thorough label inspection can save you time, money, and your reputation as a distributor or manufacturer. Avoid chargebacks and other penalties by ensuring every barcode on every label is accurate and high-quality. Our Printronix Auto ID printers with ODV inline barcode verification technology can automatically read and grade barcodes at a rate of up to 50 barcodes on every label.

Our ODV inline barcode verification technology provides a high-quality check of all of your barcode labels and prompts action if a barcode fails. If a misprinted label is created, it will immediately be retracted, overstruck, and reprinted without any necessary intervention from the operator. We offer this innovative technology on both the T8000 enterprise industrial printer and the award-winning T6000e industrial printer. Both models can verify and validate 1D or 2D barcodes, grade the labels to ISO standards, and generate a report.

Additionally, ODV barcode verification technology can pay for itself by preventing chargebacks and fines imposed by various recipients along the supply chain. One industry example where barcode quality is essential and where ODV barcode verification would be an ideal solution is automotive manufacturing.

Keep Your Reputation Pristine with the Ability to Encode, Verify, and Ship Without Chargebacks or Fines

Automotive manufacturing plants are an intricate environment with little to no room for disruption or error. The manufacturers in this industry combine robotic systems, precision alignment, short time windows, and just-in-time parts, enabling a complex machine to be joined together perfectly while keeping production on schedule. By working in a coordinated and carefully orchestrated fashion like this, automotive plants can keep production high and send out products at an optimal rate.

Stopping the manufacturing line in one of these plants is costly. The automobile manufacturer takes a direct hit, and the consequences continue down the supply chain on the vendors whose shortage of parts or unreadable barcodes resulted in a shutdown. Suppliers in the field have experienced up to triple-digit chargebacks per label, quality audits, returned goods, or loss of a contract due to failure to manage label quality. Automobile manufacturers may impose hefty chargebacks or require an audit for any supplier who fails to meet strict quality label standards.

Manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive industry can better track and verify printed barcode label quality with ODV inline barcode verification. Users of the T6000e enterprise industrial printer with ODV capabilities also have the option of RFID label encoding and verification on the same printer. This industry-leading capability is ideal for supply chain applications where vendors require barcode quality and RFID labels on their shipments.

For more information about how you can easily implement money and time-saving barcode verification technology to your printer fleet, contact your local TSC Printronix Auto ID sales representative.

* T6000e will launch in Q1 2022 in APAC region.