Red Rose – Cash and market solutions for the humanitarian sector

Red Rose – Cash and market solutions for the humanitarian sector


When a natural disaster strikes, an economy collapses, or conflict erupts, some non-governmental organizations (NGO) are there to help. They deliver humanitarian aid and make every effort to meet urgent needs for food, water and shelter. For an efficient implementation, NGOs are supported by companies such as Red Rose. They rapidly procure and transport relief supplies globally, including food and nutrition, shelter, household items, and water and sanitation. To increase operational efficiency and transparency, and, in particular, for secure payment and eliminating risks of carrying cash for NGOs and end-users in hostile environments, there are reliable and flexible cash and market solutions needed, using all types of cash modalities including paper and E-vouchers, smart cards and E-cash or SMS mobile money too. But working in countries such as Nigeria, for example, has its challenges with electricity, harsh environments and robust handling eventually by non-trained users.


Red Rose has created the contactless e-money solution One System which enables NGOs to deliver all modalities of aid to beneficiaries as the touch of a button using its encrypted web-based platform. The system can also be used to distribute vouchers, smart cards and SMS mobile money. Allowed for remote management, it can operate both online and offline and on a ‘real time’ basis keeping programs relevant and ‘fit for purpose’. It is fully customizable, easy to install and can be quickly integrated into new and existing emergency response programs at any size. Beneficiaries are registered and given a smart card or wristband in a matter of minutes. All relevant information such as name, age, vulnerability criteria, photograph, pin number and signature and, additional, biometrics such as fingerprints are recorded into a unique beneficiary profile. Then the transfer of cash or a combination of other modalities can start. Vendors are equipped with a handheld terminal and input the order and the beneficiary swiped his smart card over the terminal and the purchase is complete.

Two multi-language receipts are printed on demand by TSC´s reliable, robust mobile thermal printer Alpha-3R. Both parties the vendor as well as the beneficiary receive a receipt for each transaction. As a first step Red Rose just ordered 50 devices that are used by vendors in Nigeria. The printers are easy to use, durable, light weight and equipped with Bluetooth technology, which ensures a flexible, direct and network-independent printing process. Due to the longest-lasting battery, the printers, when fully charged, can operate two days without problems in such harsh conditions.


  • efficiency, safety and transparency in process
  • professional and quick shipping
  • individual multi-languages receipts on demand
  • application period of two days without charging or changing the battery
  • network-independent printing process due to Bluetooth function

Alpha-3R Features:

TSC’s ruggedly designed Alpha-3R is a perfect fit for all environments. The weight of this user-friendly printer, battery included, is only 550 g, so it can easily be worn on a belt for extended periods. A highcapacity 7.4V/2500 mAh rechargeable Lithium Ion battery guarantees an excellent performance for more than 12 hours. The 32-bit RISC CPU high-speed processor allows printing speeds of up to 102 mm/s (4“) at a resolution of 203 dpi. It can process media rolls of up to an outer diameter of 57 mm (2.25”). 8 MB. DRAM and 4 MB FLASH provide sufficient memory even for the most demanding printing requirements. An USB 2.0 is included as standard, while optional features are wired or wireless communication interfaces, such as RS-232, Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g/n wireless. With its double-wall plastic design, the Alpha-3R is designed for a rough life, inside the added IP54-rated environmental case to resist dust and water and with its rubber over-mold construction prepared to take up to a five foot fall and keep printing.

About Red Rose:

Red Rose is a UK registered Company, committed to conducting business in a transparent and ethical manner. For more than 30 years, the logistic experts offer a complete range of professional procurement and supply chain services, perfectly tailored to the specific requirements of the largest NGOs worldwide such as Mercy Corps, Save the Children, World Vision and others, and their beneficiaries. They can rapidly procure and transport relief supplies globally, operating through complex environments in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Central America. Red Rose, working closely with its clients, has developed unique, innovative web based electronic cash transfer products for the humanitarian sector in order to improve operational efficiency and transparency. There are offices in London, Nairobi, Iraq, Kiev and Istanbul.


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Multi-language receipts on demand by using bluetooth