TSC is Awarded the Certificate of Corporate Governance System CG6006

Taipei, Taiwan – January 04, 2012 – TSC Auto ID Technology Co., Ltd. (TSC) was certified of  "CG6006 General Corporate Governance" by Taiwan Corporate Governance Association ("TCGA") on Dec 28. TSC's Financial Manager, Bruce Tseng said that TSC was the only barcode printer manufacturer in Taiwan which obtained this general corporate governance certification.

TCGA, established by accounting and legal professionals, academics, and business people, is Taiwan's leading corporate governance NGO. Its mission is to be the navigator and engineer of the Corporate Governance mechanism in Taiwan. Cooperating with the Taiwan Stock Exchange to conduct researches on establishing the "Corporate Governance Assessment System" for Listed and OTC (Over-The-Counter) companies in Taiwan, its goal is to promote the accreditation of Corporate Governance among Taiwanese companies. 

To build a better investment environment in Taiwan, TCGA has continuously given special awards of Corporate Governance System to certified companies to accredit their business value and competition competency since 2005.

This year, TSC and twenty other OTC companies received this certificate, highlighting the success of risk management within these corporations. Among these companies, 14 of them attended the event for the first time, while 7 others joined for the second time. TSC will continuously work to enhance its corporate accountability and the maximization of shareholder value.


關於 TSC:
TSC Auto ID Technology Co. Ltd. (TSC) 是一家為運輸和物流、製造和醫療保健、工業和零售業提供優質 Auto-ID 解決方案的全球供應商,提供多樣化的創新和可靠產品系列,並具有卓越的品質。TSC 在條形碼和標籤打印機方面擁有超過 25 年的經驗,在 90 多個國家/地區安裝了超過 400 萬台。這使得這家總部位於台灣並在兩個自己的工廠生產的公司躋身全球熱敏標籤打印機製造商前五名。TSC 在台灣證券交易所上市。