T8000 Series 6-Inch Enterprise Industrial ODV-2D Printers

Our most versatile 24/7/365 printer with 6-inch print width, the T8000 Series features color display, multi-connectivity capability with optional ODV-2D inline barcode verifier technology.

Industries and Applications

Transportation & Logistics
Transportation & Logistics
Product and Item Labels
Product and Item Labels
Shipping and Logistics
Shipping and Logistics

The T8000 is the premier high-end thermal printer. With unmatched industrial performance, ease of use, and 100% verifiable output, the T8000 exceeds the requirements of the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations.

T8000 ODV-2D 8-Inch
T8000 ODV-2D 8-Inch

ODV-2D is the industry’s leading affordable, fully integrated solution with the ability to print, verify and validate 1D and 2D barcodes.

Built on the robust T8000 printer platform, ODV-2D includes a built-in data validator that grades barcodes to ISO standards and stores a detailed report of each transaction. Our exclusive technology reads each barcode, overstrikes the entire label of a rejected barcode, and reprints a new label.

Key features:

  • The ODV-2D is a fully integrated barcode inspection system
  • Automatically finds, reads, grades, and reports results for every barcode on every label
  • Works with all major thermal printer languages, as well as Postscript and PDF
  • Automatically overstrikes and reprints any label with missing or low-quality barcodes
  • Easy settings for threshold grade level and recovery actions
    • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
      300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
    • Color LCD with buttons
      Color LCD with buttons
    • Ethernet
      Parallel port
      Serial RS-232
      Parallel port
      Serial RS-232
    • Wi-Fi
    • PrintNet Enterprise
      SOTI Connect (license required)
      PrintNet Enterprise
      SOTI Connect (license required)
    • Verifier
    • Up to 8 ips (203 mm/s) @ 203 dpi
      Up to 8 ips (203 mm/s) @ 300 dpi
    • 6.6” (168 mm)
      6.6” (168 mm)
    • 512 MB
      512 MB
    • 128 MB
      128 MB
    • 6.8” (172.7 mm)
      6.8” (172.7 mm)
    • Gap; Mark; Advanced Gap; Advanced Notch
      Gap; Mark; Advanced Gap; Advanced Notch
    • 625 Meters
      625 Meters
    • 1.5" to 3.0" (37.5 - 76 mm)
      1.5" to 3.0" (37.5 - 76 mm)
    • 0.25" (6.35 mm)/1.0" (25.4 mm) continuous/tear-off; 0.5" (12.7 mm) peel-off
      0.25" (6.35 mm)/1.0" (25.4 mm) continuous/tear-off; 0.5" (12.7 mm) peel-off
    • Die-cast aluminum frame and print mechanism; steel cover; large clear media view window
      Die-cast aluminum frame and print mechanism; steel cover; large clear media view window
    • Most Major Printer Languages
      Most Major Printer Languages

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Are all of the same T8000 and T6000e Field Kit Options available with the ODV-2D?
All of the same T8000 and T6000e 4-inch Field kit Options are available for use with the ODV-2D. A newly designed cutter option is required for use with the ODV-2D option.
Are Security Certificates supported?
Security Certificates are supported as part of the T8000 Enterprise Security Suite. The process for loading security certificates is described in the T8000 Administrator’s Manual.
Are the barcode dimension requirements for ODV-2D differ from ODV-1D?
Yes, the minimum X-Dimension supported for ODV-2D is 10-mils. As ODV-1D usually requires a shorter focal difference, and the ODV-1D specification supports down to 6.6-mils.
Can I run both Ethernet and Wi-Fi?
The Wi-Fi printer can be configured for either Ethernet or Wi-Fi operation, but not both simultaneously. If an Ethernet cable is plugged in and connected with a host system, the Ethernet interface is active. In all other cases, the Wi-Fi is active.
Can I swap the printhead on the T8000 from 203 dpi to 300 dpi?

Yes, the printheads are user replaceable and will automatically detect and accept when a user has changed from a 203 to a 300 dpi or vice-versa.

Can I use my ODV-2D 4” on a T8000 6” printer?

No, the ODV-2D 4” has a different focal length and will not work on a T8000 6” and achieve a 6” scan width.

Can the 6” ODV-2D be attached to a T6000e?

No, not at this time.

Can the ODV-2D be sold as a kit that can be added to an existing installation?

Yes, the ODV-2D is available as a field kit and can be added to any 4-inch T8000 and T6000e printer. Only ODV-2D Certified Partners can purchase and install an ODV-2D field kit.

Can the ODV-2D work with 1D and 2D barcodes?

Yes, the ODV-2D can handle both 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation, including picket fence and ladder barcodes. Some 2D barcodes may not be available at launch. 

Do I need a tool to replace the printhead on the T8000?

No tools are required.

Does Printronix Auto ID offer labels and ribbons for the T8000 Series?
Yes, the same labels and ribbons used on the T5000r ES Series printer are supported on the T8000.
Does the ODV-2D 6” have the same mechanical footprint as the ODV-2D 4”?

No, in order to support the full scan width the ODV-2D 6” mounts slightly higher and further out from the front of the printer. 

Does the ODV-2D 6” work with the cutter?

No, it does not work with the cutter at this time. 

Does the ODV-2D work at the same throughput speeds as the T8000 and T6000e?

No, the throughput speeds of the ODV-2D are highly dependent upon the setup and validation procedure options that are selected by the operator. In addition, label formats that have numerous barcodes with large data validation requirements will impact throughput speeds. However, the simplicity of setup, and operation of the ODV-2D provides significant advantages in the majority of applications. As a result, throughput speeds have not been an issue with initial installations. The Printronix Auto ID VAR partner is capable of evaluating your application to ensure that throughput speeds are optimized to meet your requirements.

Does the T6000e ODV-2D verify or validate barcodes?

The ODV-2D  both verifies and validates barcodes as they are printed. The data printed on the label is validated to match the data sent from the host. The barcode is verified to comply with ISO standards. 

Does the T8000 ODV-2D verify or validate barcodes?

The ODV-2D  both verifies and validates barcodes as they are printed. The data printed on the label is validated to match the data sent from the host. The barcode is verified to comply with ISO standards. 

Does the T8000 Wi-Fi support the latest security protocols?
The T8000 offers a full security suite including WEP 40/128bit, WPA Personal (TKIP) and WPA2 Personal (AES/CCMP). The Wi-Fi option also supports several Enterprise level authentication protocols, including EAP-PEAP, EAP-TTLS, PEAPv0/MS-CHAPv2, EAP-TLS) to ensure a secure enterprise environment.
How do I access the real-time clock?
The Wi-Fi option card includes a real-time clock to support time-restricted certificates. In addition, it can also be used for printing time stamps on date coded labels.
How do I adjust for the best print quality?
A Print Quality Wizard under the Wizard Control Panel menu describes in detail how to obtain the best print quality.
How do I calibrate the labels on my T8000 printer?

Calibration is described in the Control Panel Printer Setup Wizard. Also, under the Settings menu you select the Gap/Mark sensor that matches the type of media installed and then select the Auto Calibrate option. In addition, you can set the printer to do an Auto Calibrate at power up and/or when the pivoting deck is opened and then closed. In all cases the printer will advance a few labels and calibrate the sensors so that they will detect TOF.

How do I configure and change the printer configuration using the control panel?

The T8000 icon-based control panel will guide you through the changes of configuration and settings of the printer. With the user-friendly step-by-step setup wizard, you can manage the printer settings easily. If you need more information, please refer to the User Manual.

How do I configure the T8000 Wi-Fi option?
When the Wi-Fi option is installed, it can be configured through the Ethernet interface or the front panel menus. The T8000 features a full color display to simplify the setup and use of the printer. The Setup Wizard guides the operator through the printer setup, including Wi-Fi configuration.
How do I load labels and ribbons into the printer?
T8000 printers are one of the easiest printers to load media and ribbon into. Both are side-loaded. A ribbon and media loading illustration is available in the User’s Setup Guide and on the inside of the media cover. Also, a Printer Setup Wizard in the control panel describes in detail how it’s done or if you prefer, you can go to our How-to Videos section.
How do I restore the printer back to factory defaults?
Use the front panel and select: Settings > Configs > Load Config > Factory.
How is the T8000 Series positioned within the Printronix Auto ID industrial thermal printer portfolio?
The T8000 Series is the premier high-end industrial thermal printer for the most demanding mission critical manufacturing and distribution operations.
How wide a label will the ODV-2D 6” scan?

The ODV-2D 6” can scan labels up to 6.5” wide with barcodes in any location across the web (ignoring quiet zones etc).

I am currently using a printer from one of your competitors. Can the T8000 Series replace my printer and plug-and-play without additional effort and cost?
The T8000 supports emulations for most major competitor printers; Zebra, Datamax, Sato, Toshiba Tec, Intermec, and more.
If I have an existing T8000 can I add the Wi-Fi option?
Any T8000 Series printer that has a serial number that is 7T8V21605000 or higher, can be upgraded to include the Wi-Fi option. These printers were manufactured after the fifth week of 2016 and have upgraded components. The upgrade kit part number is 258637-901. Firmware Program Files version 1.21E or higher must be installed. Some of the older printers may also have serial numbers that include 7PTX8 within the number series. These units are dedicated Ethernet and cannot be upgraded to Wi-Fi.
If the ODV-2D 6” is not pre-mounted, does this mean that I need to be an ODV-2D certified partner to install it?

The alignment and calibration require a factory trained technician. Certified ODV-2D partners will be provided with the update procedure. The process is almost identical to setting up the ODV-2D 4”.

Is a ribbon core required on the take-up spool?
Yes, and it is supplied with the printer.
Is the ODV-2D 6” available as a field kit?

Yes, a field installation upgrade kit is available. 

Is the ODV-2D 6” available with a protective cover like the ODV-2D 4”?

No, a protective cover is not available at this time. 

Is the ODV-2D available through Distribution sales channels?

To more closely monitor the installation of ODV-2D technology, units will only be available through our Value Added Resellers who have been ODV-2D Certified.

Is the ODV-2D fully integrated with the printer?

Yes. ODV-2D is fully integrated into the same footprint as the printer and is tied to the printer controller so data from the application can be passed to ODV-2D, the printer can overstrike and reprint a failed label without operator intervention, and the data from ODV-2D can be integrated into Print Network Enterprises reporting and monitoring capabilities.

Is the Wi-Fi 802.11ac functionality introduced with the ODV-2D available with other Printronix Auto ID printers?

Yes, the many advantages of 802.11ac functionality are available in the T8000 and T6000 models of printers. Typical W-Fi speeds are expected to improve 3x to 5x over older W-Fi versions.

Is there a price difference between the 4” ODV-2D and the 6” ODV-2D?

There is no price difference between the ODV-2D 4” version and the ODV-2D 6”.

My applications require both Direct and Transfer printing method. Can the T8000 support both Direct and Transfer printing?
Yes, the printer comes configured to print for both Direct and Transfer printing.
Our company does not have a certified technician; can we still sell the ODV-2D 6”?

Yes, you can sell the ODV-2D 6” but you will need to sell with an installation contract so that we can arrange for a certified technician install it. 

Previously, all ODV-2D 4” units were pre-mounted to the printer prior to shipment from the warehouse. Will the ODV-2D 6” also be pre-mounted?

No, the ODV-2D 6” will not be pre-mounted prior to shipment due to the larger mechanical profile and to ensure shipping integrity.

What are the core features of the T8000 Wi-Fi?
The T8000 Wi-Fi supports dual band 802.11a/b/g/n with 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidth providing flexibility while operating in crowded RF environments.
What are the different width size models available with the T8000 Series?
The models are featured in 4, 6 and 8-inch widths, matching the current widths from the T5000r-ES Series.
What are the primary target user environments for the T8000 Series thermal printer?
The T8000 Series its Powerful, Reliable, and Proven to withstand the harshest environments in any industrial or commercial settings. It is the perfect solution for any manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and retail distribution centers.
What are the standard and optional communication interface ports for the T8000 Series?
Standard Interfaces are: RS-232 (9 pin), USB and Ethernet. Optional Interfaces are: Parallel IEEE1284, GPIO and Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n.
What barcode formats can be detected?
The ODV-2D can handle the full suite of 1D barcodes (Code 39 CODABAR Interleafed 2 of 5 Code 93 Code 128 UPC/EAN plus add-ons PDF417 (Limited) For 2D barcodes, the printer is currently able to handle DataMatrix and PDF417. QR codes, PDF417 Micro, PDF417 Truncated barcodes are under development and test. We will let you know as soon as they are available. Please check the Specification section on the Printronix Auto ID website for ODV-2D for the latest status.
What do the icons represent on the control panel?
Each of the specific icons on the control panel represents a setting, function, or feature of the printer.
What is the advantage of the T8000 with Wi-Fi?
The T8000 Series is known for its ability to print high volumes in some of the most challenging work environments. The Wi-Fi option dramatically improves versatility by bringing the T8000 directly to the “point-of-need” by eliminating the limitations of hardwired connections.
What is the average and maximum recommended print volume from the T8000 Series thermal printer? How many labels per day?

The T8000 is designed to stand 24/7 operations, if properly maintained. The recommended label usage per day is 15,000 labels/day.

What is the benefit of having PostScript/PDF printer command language?

The major benefit of having a PostScript/PDF printer command language is the ability to affordably and easily replace costly laser printers.

What is the blinking LED light on top of the control panel?
The light is a status indicator that allows a user to see from a distance whether the printer is Online ready to receive print data (solid light), Offline with no fault (no light) or at Fault (blinking light). Common faults include Paper Out or Ribbon Out.
What is the minimum X-dimension that is supported by the ODV-2D 6”?

The ODV-2D 6” can scan barcodes with a 15mil X-dimension up to 60mils.

What is the warranty on the T8000 printer?
The T8000 comes standard with a 1-Year Return to Depot warranty. Extended warranty and service packages are available.
What options and accessories are available with the T8000 Series?
The T8000 Series offers a number of options and accessories from media handling to communication interfaces. All offered options and accessories can be found on our website.
What sets the T8000 apart from other thermal barcode printers in the market?
The T8000 Series offers unmatched industrial performance, ease of use, and 100% verifiable output. Rugged design and the industry leading ability to print PostScript/PDF, and sub-zero temperatures features without heating enclosures make the T8000 printer the smart choice for all industrial thermal printing.
When mounted to a T6000e or T8000, the ODV-2D 4” can support print speeds up to 8ips. What is the maximum print speed with the ODV-2D 6”?

The T8000 with ODV-2D 6” can support print speeds up to 8ips. The speed may vary depending on the number of barcodes on the label. 

Which printer does the ODV-2D 6” attach to?

The ODV-2D 6” attaches to the 203dpi or 300dpi versions of the T8000 6in printer.

Why are installation and service costs for the ODV-2D higher than the ODV-1D?
The ODV-2D option is a state-of-the-art image capture technology that is more versatile and complex than the ODV-1D. As a result, more time is allowed for both installing and servicing the ODV-2D to precisely calibrate the printer to match high levels of performance and production.
Will the ODV-2D be installed and supported the same as the ODV-1D?

No, the ODV-2D comes either pre-installed at the factory or included in the printer carton for installation at the site. We still require reseller certification to enhance the ability of the reseller to provide assistance with any calibration or validation questions.

T8206 ODV-2D
T8306 ODV-2D