TDM Series 3-Inch Performance Mobile Printer

The TDM Series features a rugged palm-sized design for easy, on-the-go printing for over 42 hours on a single battery charge.

Industries and Applications

Warehouse & Fulfillment
Warehouse & Fulfillment
Transportation & Logistics
Transportation & Logistics
Product and Item Labels
Product and Item Labels

The TDM Series is equipped to operate across different platforms with multiple connectivity options. Its lightweight, durable and flexible design, coupled with ease of operation without sacrifice functionality is especially critical for retail & mobile point of sale (MPOS) applications.

TDM-30 Series

Rugged Palm Size Design

The TDM Series has been tested to withstand a drop test of 1.8 m without protective case/2.5 m with a protective case as well as MIL-STD-810G military standard for drop tests. It is also rated IP54 for dust and water resistance with the optional protective case.

Support for Various Media Widths

TDM-30's adjustable media hanger with label fixing tab allows for a variety of media widths ranging from 20 mm to 70 mm. TDM Series can handle media including receipts, selected labels and linerless printing etc. The media spacer is easy to install and allows for specific media width. Default black mark sensor and optional gap sensor (TDM-30 only) are reserved for a wide range of media needs.

Self-Diagnostic TPH Care Mechanism

TSC TPH Care Mechanism offers an advanced level of auto-detection ensuring the real-time printhead health status. By scanning and detecting bad dots during the entire process of printing, it has been proven to stabilize high-quality printouts consistently and minimize the waste of consumables for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Smart Battery with TSC Printer Management

With TSC Battery Management System (BMS), it is easy to check battery status including:

  • Battery performance: charging state
  • History of battery usage and charging cycles
  • Battery health status report
  • Battery Remaining Capacity
  • With its friendly GUI design, monitor battery capacity in real time and ensure completing a full shift to avoid downtime
  • Integrated Software Pack
  • TSC offers an advanced software pack including practical solutions to effectively support TDM Series for customized label creation from different platforms.

OPOS for POS application

  • Compatible with CPCL and ESC-POS printer languages
  • New developed iOS & Android APP enables:
  • Via mobile configuration, workforce/user can maximize convenience on printer setting/status check/troubleshooting anywhere and anytime
  • Web print supports direct printing from browser-based applications

Multiple Connectivity

TDM Series supports USB2.0 + MFi Bluetooth 5.0 + passive NFC tag or USB2.0 + 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2+ passive NFC tag. Passive NFC tag for Bluetooth can quickly connect by one touch.

    • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
    • LCD with buttons
      LED with buttons
    • USB
    • Bluetooth MFi
      Wi-Fi with Bluetooth
    • TSC Console
    • Mobile
    • Up to 4 ips (102 mm/s)
    • 2.83" (72 mm)
    • 110" (2,794 mm)
    • 32 MB SDRAM
    • 16 MB
    • 1.57" (40 mm) OD
    • 3.15" (80 mm)
      *with media hanger: 0.79" - 2.76" (20 - 70 mm)(user option)
    • • Reflective sensor model: receipt paper, bline receipt
      paper (black mark in printing side) & selected label
      • Transmissive sensor model: receipt paper, bline receipt paper (black mark in printing side or backside) & label
      with gap
    • 1" (25.4mm)
    • Plastic

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Can I do both direct and thermal transfer printing in TDM printers?
No. The TDM is a direct-thermal only printer.
Can the printhead and platen roller be replaced by the end user on the TDM Series mobile printers?

No. Please return the TDM unit to the reseller and our team of experts will make these replacements for you.

How can I buy the TDM printer?

To purchase a TDM printer, buyers can contact their local TSC reseller, or contact us through our website.

How do I adjust my printing speed and density by TSC Console?
  1. Select the printer → Function → Printer Configuration → Get
  2. Adjust the value of Speed and Density then press Set to finish setup.
How do I check the condition of the printhead?
Please refer to HERE.
How do I get the Bluetooth MAC address with the Communication Tool?
Please refer to the link HERE.
How do I use BarTender to download files and print them via Bluetooth device?
Please refer to the link HERE.
How long are the battery working hours on the TDM Series?

It is very difficult to give the precise number of hours it will last as the usage of the printer varies based on applications. However, the TDM-30 lasted more than 42 hours of printing receipts on a single battery charge; the TDM-20 lasted more than 17 hours of printing receipts on a single battery charge.

How much does the TDM printer weigh?
The TDM-30 weighs a mere 375 g including the battery. The TDM-20 weighs a mere 215 g including the battery.
How to change language on TSC Console?
  • TSC ConsoleAdvancedPreferenceLanguage
How to initialize the printer by TSC Console?
  • TSC Console → Select the printer → Functions → Printer Configuration → Factory Default.
How to make calibration by TSC Console?
  • TSC Console → Select the printer → Function → Printer Configuration → Calibration.
How to update firmware by TSC Console?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the printer/printers.
  2. Click Tools→File Manager Tool to access File Manager page.
  3. Turn the file type into Firmware File.
  4. Press Browse to select firmware file.
  5. Press Download to update firmware.


How to use Printer Management to get alert log file?
Please refer to the link HERE.
How to use TSC Console to download BMP Font to the printer?
  1. Click the checkbox to select the printer/printers.
  2. Click ToolsBitmap Font Tool.
  3. Select font and set the size of it
  4. Press Download Font to download font to the printer
  5. Check ToolFile Manager Tool to see is it successfully imported.
What are the key benefits of the TDM compared to the competition?
The TDM printer has: 1) The longest battery life in the market 2) Is the first in the industry to offer Dual Antenna technology 3) Is drop resistant up to 5.9-feet (8.2-feet with optional IP54 Case)
What is or are the standard connectivity with the TDM series?
The TDM series is available as below: (Either one selected) • USB 2.0 + MFi Bluetooth 5.0 + Passive NFC tag • USB 2.0 + 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi with Bluetooth 4.2 + Passive NFC tag Note: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi will be ready soon.
What is the standard warranty for my TDM?

The TDM has a 2 Year Parts (excluding print head and platen roller) and Labor (Return to Factory) standard manufacturer warranty. You can purchase the Service Option warranty that adds up to three years to your printer's original coverage within 30 days of your initial barcode printer purchase.

What printer languages does the TDM Series support?

The TDM series supports TSPL-EZ (EPL2 and ZPL emulations) ESC-POS, CPCL emulation printer languages.

What types of label can the TDM print?
The TDM supports a wide range of label types. It can print on receipt papers, Die-Cut, receipt paper with black mark (in printing side or in non-printing side).
Why my BarTender can’t print the label?
  • Check the printer is power-on.
  • Check the printer, port, and driver are all correct.
Why my printer can’t detect the media type after calibration?
  • Media should be loaded and located correctly before calibration, and check the sensor position before printing. For further detail, please refer to user manual.
  • Wrong media type might be used.
Why the driver wizard can’t find my device? (USB interface)
  • Switch off the power and turn on again.
  • Computer might have detected the device already.
1-slot battery charger

Use the 1-slot charger to quickly charge the battery without any downtime.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-2R
  • TDM-30
1-bay docking cradle

Easily charge the printer without removing the battery.
*Please choose the correct printer for the docking cradle

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
4-bay battery charger

The 4-slot charger is well-suited for heavy-duty missions.

Compatible with:
  • Alpha-2R
  • TDM-30
  • TDM-20
4-bay docking cradle

Charge multiple printers in either horizontal or vertical positions.
Stand the cradle upright in areas where space is at a premium.
*Please choose the correct printer for the docking cradle

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Belt clip

Use the belt clip for a complete hands-free solution.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
  • TDM-20
Linerless kit

TSC Printronix Auto ID mobile printers can handle a variety of media including receipts, selected labels, and linerless printing. Linerless printing is an ideal solution for businesses looking to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Lithium-ion smart battery

Thanks to intelligent TSC Smart Battery technology, users are able to gather a lot of information about battery health and understand the history of the charge cycles on their mobile printers. When in use, the smart battery is reporting the health and activity of that battery over the entire shift. It’s important in mission-critical printing to understand the device’s activity levels when it is being used non-stop over an entire shift or 24-hour period.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Media hanger

A flexible kit to accommodate various media widths.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Media spacer

The media spacer kit is able to support specific media width applications.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Protective case with shoulder strap

Add an extra layer of protection for harsh environments with a protective case. While in the case, the printer is IP54-rated for resistance to windblown water and dust. Includes shoulder strap.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
Shoulder strap

Designed for carrying the printer directly without a protective case.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-20
  • TDM-30
Vehicle mount kit

TSC Printronix Auto ID customers can also benefit from a pretty flexible platform of options for connecting or mounting our mobile printers to a forklift or vehicle. 

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30
12-60V DC Vehicle Power Adaptor

12-60V DC vehicle power adaptor to easily connect and leverage power to your mobile printers on a forklift or vehicle.

Compatible with:
  • TDM-30