Communication for Healthcare Professionals

Whether they are found in a doctor’s office, lab or emergency room, healthcare labels play a crucial role in patient safety.

Market Healthcare Pill Bottles

Genuine Supplies creates custom healthcare labels for dozens of applications. These specialized labels allow healthcare professionals to communicate effectively in order to appropriately care for patients.

Healthcare providers need high volumes of labels – with stringent requirements that are unique to the needs of individual organizations. We have extensive experience developing healthcare label solutions – that you can leverage to service your clients and grow your business.

    Label Products for Healthcare:

    • Blood Bag Labels
    • Patient Identification
    • Chart Labels
    • Pharmacy Labels
    • General Purpose Labels
    • Printed Tapes
    • Inventory Labels
    • Syringe Flag Labels
    • Lab Labels
    • Tamper Proof Labels
    • Medication Labels
    • Visitor Badge