Case Study Reward Program

Case Study Reward Program

Showcase Your Success:
Win Up to $2400 USD in the Case Study Reward Program!

Embrace the opportunity to get the recognition and rewards your hard work deserves! Here is a platform that allows you to shine the spotlight on your case, offering a chance to win up to $1200 in prizes. Concerned about how to present your case? Once you submit the form, a mentor will be assigned to guide you in identifying and highlighting the standout points of your project, increasing your chances of winning the prize. Act now to download the form and the program guideline to submit your achievements and reap the rewards of your effort!




Competition Structure:

Each case scoring over 7.5* is a prize-winning case and will receive a reward ranging from $500 to $1,200 USD, depending on the number of participants in the case of writing. Our reward program has been allocated a budget of $15,000 USD for 2024 and is subject to further increases.

Each prize-winning case
Participant(s)1 Person2 People3 People and more
Reward500 USD1000 USD1200 USD

* Go to Case Study Scoring for details.


Eligibility Criteria:

All employees are eligible to participate in this program, but the focus this year is on printer cases.


We will review submissions and announce the program winners bi-monthly. The program submission will run until December 31, 2024. Adjustments for 2025 will be made based on the outcomes in 2024.


The Submission Process

The Submission Process


Case Study Scoring

Scoring System: Each case can receive a score ranging from 1 to 10 points.

Reward Criteria: Cases that achieve a score of 7.5 points or above will be eligible for a reward.

Scoring Method:

  • Session Evaluation: Committee judges are required to score each session based on the richness and completeness of its content.
  • Percentage Multiplier: Each session is associated with a different percentage.
  • Calculation Process: The score for each session will be multiplied by its corresponding percentage. These adjusted scores are then summed to determine the final evaluation. By the scoring deadline, all scores from participating judges will be averaged. Cases with an average score higher than 7.5 points will receive the reward.
Title & Summary 
Client Information 
Key Features20%


Bonus Reward

Obtaining customer approval can be challenging, but it significantly strengthens our case. Therefore, we have established bonus:

ItemsThe Original reward has been increased by
Approval to use the company name and logo50%
Provide pictures and/or videos of the customer’s printing application, along with customer endorsements or quotes that can be utilized in the case study50%


  • Individual Submission: For an individual submission that achieves an average score of 7.5 or higher, the base reward is $500. If the customer also consents to display their company name and logo, the total reward increases by 50%, amounting to $750.
  • Team Submission (Three People): For a team of three submitting a case that receives an average score of 7.5 or higher, the base reward is $1200. If the customer agrees to reveal their company name and logo, permits filming at their site with the real application, and provides an on-camera testimonial, the total reward doubles, adding up to $2400 (with a 50% increase for the logo and another 50% for the filming and testimonial).


Start Now !

Please click the download button to retrieve the Submission Form and the Case Study Reward Program guideline. Complete the form and submit it, along with any supporting materials, to, with a copy to If you have any questions, feel free to contact Christy.